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     Roman never knew his cousins until he was 13, he lived in Las Vegas and they lived in California. Back then he was overweight and shy, out of his five cousins he really didnt care much at all. Infact he actually felt them as just people he knew.       Ana met her cousin Roman at age 12. She lived in California, and He lived in Las Vegas. Family drama kept them away from each other all their lives. She was a plain looking girl. She saw her cousin Roman as curius. She has 4 siblings but never has she had a...


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Kelle was fucked! Figuratively not literally. She had lost a bet. A huge bet. She had been out of the police academy for only six weeks and Kelle was desperate to fit in. Therefore, when a group of officers, all men, had invited her for drinks after shift, she had jumped at the chance. Now she regretted it. Big time! After far too many drinks, they had suggested a game. It was a simple dice game that every bar used to have. In addition, Kelle was good at it, or she thought she was. After a few more drinks and about...


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