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Kelle was fucked! Figuratively not literally. She had lost a bet. A huge bet. She had been out of the police academy for only six weeks and Kelle was desperate to fit in. Therefore, when a group of officers, all men, had invited her for drinks after shift, she had jumped at the chance. Now she regretted it. Big time! After far too many drinks, they had suggested a game. It was a simple dice game that every bar used to have. In addition, Kelle was good at it, or she thought she was. After a few more drinks and about...


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Mike was a medical undergraduate. One year, he spent his vacation with his family at his uncle's house in the countryside. The families hadn't seen each other for a couple of years. Being a strict Catholic, his uncle brought up his daughter, Joyce, as one too. His cousin Joyce was a natural beauty, sweet, curvaceous sixteen-year old. Mike couldn't help stealing lusty glances at her whenever he thought he could get away with it. He hoped to get his hands on her since he saw how she had grown up and filled out in all the right places, but was afraid...


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Border-town Rendezvous Townville was a quiet, sleepy little border-town that had certainly seen better days. Sadly there were far too many retail shops with For Lease signs, old decorations from holidays long past dangling in the windows and an unfortunate air of abandonment. If tumbleweeds existed in this part of the world, they would surely have been blowing down the street. In its heyday, it was quite the travel corridor between two very popular vacation destinations. The vacation resorts are as popular as ever; however the travel between these two countries no longer brought the excitement it once did, that was...


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