The Woman Has A Wet Vagina And Wants You At Home

The Woman Has A Wet Vagina And Wants You At Home

Border-town Rendezvous Townville was a quiet, sleepy little border-town that had certainly seen better days. Sadly there were far too many retail shops with For Lease signs, old decorations from holidays long past dangling in the windows and an unfortunate air of abandonment. If tumbleweeds existed in this part of the world, they would surely have been blowing down the street. In its heyday, it was quite the travel corridor between two very popular vacation destinations. The vacation resorts are as popular as ever; however the travel between these two countries no longer brought the excitement it once did, that was until a hot and humid weekend in August. It was late, but the border never sleeps and fortunately there was no line-up to contend with tonight. She did get a suspicious look from the border guard though. He asked what seemed like a million questions – what is your citizenship? where are you going? how long will you be gone? purpose of your visit? Where will you be staying? are you carrying any weapons? blah blah, blah blah, blah blahhhhh!!! They just kept going on and on! The border is not someplace you mess around or make jokes, however, just answer the questions straight up and honestly and they should send you on your merry way. Mila was prepared to answer the questions; she wasn’t worried because she knew she wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal. There was however a few questions that she just gave vague answers too; unfortunately, they led to more questions and a pause from the border guard. Then, the words she dreaded to hear, “Ma’am, please pull your vehicle off to the left and see the officer inside.” Shit! Why tonight? Why now? She answered every question honestly; there was nothing to hide. Mila did as she was asked and went inside. It was nice to step into the air conditioned space because it was so hot and humid but man, did she ever look like crap. She had worked all day at her job, stopped for a quick pedicure, got home and had to clean and take care of a few things in the yard. She had not yet packed for this special getaway and even had to do a little bit of laundry to make sure she packed all the right things...thennnnnn she still had to get on the road for a 2 hour drive. Needless to say, she had not put a lot of effort into looking her best; tonight that didn’t matter, it would be in the morning that she would go the extra mile to look her hottest. Right now however, she was in an old pair of cut-offs and a tank top with no bra that she managed to get a small coffee stain on. Her hair was in a ponytail but driving with the window open had given her that morning bed head look and to add insult to injury she forgotten to change her shoes and was walking around in her dirty garden flip flops. Now, when given the time, Mila cleans up pretty good, this however was not that time. Fortunately, there were no other travellers in the building and most of the lights were off in the surrounding offices and cubicles, but the counter was fully lit up. She stepped up to the counter and produced further ID, even though the border guard from outside had brought her passport to the officer inside. They both stepped away and were talking to each other out of earshot. Mila was tired and cranky. She looked up, she looked down, she looked all around the building. She was just so exhausted and with a big sigh, put her elbows on the counter and rested her forehead in her hands. Her face was naturally pointing down to the ground and she got a good look at exactly how disheveled she looked. Grass clippings stuck to her leg, stained tank top and now to add to the fun, the cold AC was giving her goosebumps and very perky nipples – the no bra thing didn’t help! She reached down with one hand to pull her shirt away from her body and tried to stretch it out. That did jack-shit. Her skin was sweaty from the long hot drive and the tank top too small to stretch. Whatever!, she thought, I give up! All she wanted was to get this day over with and get to her hotel. Her hand was now on her cheek and head was cocked to one side as she looked over at the two border guards who were holding her captive. Both men were facing her and though she couldn’t say for sure, it really looked liked one of them was sporting a boner. WTF?! Then it occurred to her that these two guys were just getting there kix because it was a slow night, it was a Friday night and they were probably bored and a little power hungry. Mid twenties to early thirties she guessed. The both looked like a couple of gym monkeys as they were pretty muscular. Any other day she would probably have gotten her flirt-on but she could not have felt less sexy right now. The looks she was getting though, it didn’t seem to matter. She felt the eyes of Officer Nosey Pants, who had asked the million questions, glued to her ample boobs and nipples that were practically busting through the thin tank top she was wearing. They laughed about something and shook hands. As they parted ways, the officer who had been inside the whole time, Officer Green Eyes yelled out to Nosey Pants to have a good weekend. He then proceeded back to the counter to talk with Mila. “Here you go ma’am”, he said with a smile and handed back her identification and passport. “That’s it? Am I free to go?” Mila asked, perking up, making sure she didn’t come across rude or snotty for the ridiculous inconvenience. She didn’t want to do or say anything to bring on further questioning. “Yes, I just need to do a quick inspection. Please wait for me outside of your vehicle; this should only take a minute.” Everything was said in a very professional and matter of fact tone. It seemed that she would be good to go. Once outside, she was struck again by the humidity. She could feel her hair get frizzier by the minute. God what a vision of loveliness she imagined she was, but she was almost home free. Officer Green Eyes approached her vehicle and asked her to open the back hatch. He rummaged through her suitcase, a box of crap that she forgot to take out of her SUV and then reached for her toiletry bag. Mila let out a small gasp. It was loud enough however for the officer to hear, causing him to turn and look at her. “Ahhh, that’s just my toothbrush, make-up and deodorant and stuff,” she muttered a little nervously. “I see that... the word toiletries, embroidered on the outside here, gave it away,” Officer Green Eyes smiled and went back to what he was paid to do. As the zipper opened, Mila looked away and bit her bottom lip. She wasn’t worried about being arrested, just of dying of embarrassment as she remembered that at the last minute she tossed a fresh pack of batteries and her favourite pocket rocket into the bag. Officer Green Eyes gently rummaged through the bag then silently zipped it back up. “Well Ma’am, your free to go, have a good weekend, it looks like you’re well prepared.” There was definitely a hint of tease coming from this handsome man now sporting a smirk and raised eyebrows. Yup, she was busted... single woman, travelling alone, packing a vibrator. How sad was she he must have thought. Now to add to the glow of sweat covering her body, she was pretty certain that every visible piece of skin had to be beet red, she smirked back at him. “Ya, thanks, I plan to.” “Well, if you’re looking for some company, Josh is now off for the night and he really thought you were cute.” “Josh?” Mila said with a questioning tone. “Yes, he is the officer who asked you to come inside.” Officer Green Eyes seemed serious. “Oh you mean Officer Nosey Pants! Or should I say Horny Pants.” she laughed back. “Well you tell Josh, thanks for the compliment, but I’m way too old for him and if he finds this mess attractive, he needs to get out of the heat.” “Well Ma’am, you look like maybe it’s been a long day, but from what I can see he knows what he’s talking about. Oh and by the way, no need to be embarrassed, we see that stuff alllllll the time. Have a good night and drive safe.” Officer Green Eyes gave a wink, little wave and walked back inside to the air conditioning.Mila was sitting in her car, driver’s window down and engine running. She could only smile, shake her head and laugh out loud as she called back, “thanks, you too!”*** After a short drive, Mila finally reached her motel and was able to check-in hassle free to spite the late hour. Back in the day it would have been packed, but now there were only a handful of vehicles in the parking lot. It was still a cute place, old school with the original owners. They did their best to maintain the place but it had clearly aged. Her room was down at the far end, so she hopped back in her car and drove down to room 37 and parked directly in front of the door. It was a single level motel that still used a traditional key with the room number stamped into it. Once in her room, Mila chuckled to herself. Though well kept, she was clearly in a time capsule that dated back to 1980 something. Teal and coral decor, with glass brick accents, the room had two double beds separated by a single nightstand that had a lamp, phone and a copy of the Gideon Bible. She tossed all her bags onto one bed and made a bee-line for the washroom. First thing was first; Mila took her long awaited pee break then quickly located the ice bucket and little glasses wrapped in paper. There had to be an ice machine around here somewhere she thought. Venturing outside, Mila walked down the sidewalk and passed many other rooms until she saw the sign that said the ice machine was by the pool. Another time warp, the pool was located at the far end of the parking lot at the end of the building. There was a chain link fence, sad little diving board and a sign saying ‘no lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk’ next to a life ring and rescue pole. And of course, the sign saying pool closed after 10pm. Another unfortunate moment for Mila because it was still so hot and muggy she could have geared down right there on the spot and jumped in the pool to cool off. Regardless, she filled her ice bucket, bought a couple of cans of ginger ale from the vending machine and headed back to her room. There was a bottle of magic elixir waiting to be cracked open. The heat wasted no time attacking the ice Mila had in the bucket and she did not hesitate to take advantage of the most primitive of cooling devices. Grabbing a handful of cubes she held them in her hand and pressed them on her shoulders and along the back of her neck. Normally the shock of the cold would be annoying but not in this heat. By the time she had brought her hand over her collar bone the ice was long melted and droplets of water ran down her chest following along the curves of her breasts. Her tank top was quickly saturated and would soon be see through. Good thing she was back at her room. Alone in her room, enjoying a light rye & ginger, Mila saw no need to remain in her soaked and stained tank top or old torn up cut-offs, besides, she thought, time for a cooling off shower. After playing with the water, she found the right temperature and wasted no time jumping in and cooling off. Simply standing there with her head leaning back she let the water cascade down her face, chest and rest of her body. She unwrapped the tiny little travel soap and lathered up caressing her entire body to clean herself off. Closing her eyes, allowing the water to pelt her skin, Mila’s mind wandered and imagined not just her hands exploring her body, but another pair of hands joining her. She couldn’t believe this long anticipated getaway was finally coming to fruition. The shower was refreshing, but Mila was exhausted. Wrapping her hair in a towel and another around her body, she poured herself another drink and crawled into the empty bed. No flat screen in this motel, but at least there was a TV. She scanned the channels for something other than news or an infomercial, but with only 12 channels, there weren’t many options. She caught the tail end of an I Love Lucy rerun which was more than enough for her because as soon as her head hit the pillow her eyes struggled to stay open. All was good though, she was relaxed and ready to fall asleep because the sooner she fell asleep the sooner it would be tomorrow; and she was so excited for tomorrow. *** It was that split second when you open your eyes and have to remember where you are; Mila woke to the sound of a giggling tiny voice excited to be heading to the pool. Then she recalled with a huge smile where she was, today was the day, although she felt she knew him, today they would finally meet. It was 8am, she only had a couple of hours to get ready and Mila wanted to look her best. The only thing she had going for her right now was freshly polished toes... the rest, well that needed a little TLC. Unpacking her arsenal of beauty aids, she once again smiled to herself as she saw the batteries and precious rocket in her bag and remembered crossing the border. She grabbed the towels that she fell asleep in and headed back to the shower. Mila felt a tingle throughout her whole body as she dug through her bag for new daisy razor and body soap. She wanted to feel her most sexy and that was always when she was freshly shaved; under arms, legs and of course, her petunia. Immediately out of the shower she drenched herself in lavender lotion and proceeded to select her attire for the day. Not entirely sure what the day would bring, she decided to make herself comfortable. A pair of shorts and t-shirt made the most sense. Underneath however, delicate turquoise panties with black lace trim and a black lacy push up bra with front closure. The t-shirt was simple, black but very open neckline and low cut with a little tie-up to draw attention to her cleavage. It was an attention getter and today it was intended to get one man’s attention. After spending some time trying to get her hair just right, and a light touch of make-up, all that was left was a shot of perfume. Light spray on the neck, wrists and a few extra spays on her belly and the back of her knees. Butterfly’s were taking over not just her stomach, but were fluttering throughout her extremities and in particular were causing her petunia to quiver. Mila had a little time now to tidy up her room and go grab a coffee. She knew she should eat, but her excitement for the day was consuming her appetite. The little cafe across the street made a delicious latte that she brought back to the hotel with her. Just outside the pool were a few picnic tables that invited her to soak up the morning sun. She wandered over and made herself comfortable, positioning herself to watch the activity in the pool and the arrival of
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traffic to the parking lot. Suddenly, time stood still. The rumble of a motorcycle murmured in the distance. Quickly the sound got louder and the next thing she knew there was a bike rolling slowly though the parking lot. He knew which car was hers and pulled up beside it. As the rumble was silenced the sound of a kick stand extending echoed the parking lot and she watched the bike lean to the left. The man on the bike remained sitting but removed his helmet and placed it on the bars in front of him. Mila just watched, unable to move. As he rose from the bike he looked around the parking lot. Looking directly at the picnic tables he knew exactly the direction to start walking. Feeling her heart in her throat, Mila was certain that it was the sound of her heart racing that made this incredibly sexy man walk towards her. Though she had seen pictures, they were never the same as seeing someone live and in person. Starting from the heavy soled black boots, her eyes worked their way up along the leather chaps, catching a glimpse of denim from his well worn blue jeans and a flash of silver from his belt buckle. More black leather from the heavy protective jacket and the ever fitting biker skull cap thing he wears. But the stopping-of-time moment was seeing the smile on his face grow as his beautiful piercing eyes cast upon her. The space between them rapidly narrowed as he continued to walk toward the picnic table. Adrenaline now consumed her actions as she rose from the bench to greet him. Four feet, three feet, two feet, one foot and the electricity flared between them as they touched for the first time. Both reached out their arms to embrace one another as they stared into each other’s eyes. ‘Hi’ was the only word said by each as the smile they shared turned to lips pressing softly for the first gentle kiss. They pulled apart ever so slightly too once again lock eyes. He wrapped his arms around her for a full embrace as her cheek pressed up against his shoulder. On-lookers would assume they were long lost friends for the comfort they had with one another. “How are you?” Mila asked a little shyly. “I’m good, what a great ride,” there was a raspiness to his voice. They sat back down on the picnic bench and he soon pulled out a cigarette. She knew he would probably enjoy a smoke after his 2 hour journey to see her. Jake was on a road trip with his buddies that brought him close to her neck of the woods, although he broke loose from the ride to take a 24 hour detour to meet her, it only added to the enjoyment of his week-long vacation. He had been planning it for months. This border town rendezvous was a last minute addition to his schedule; it was one he was happy to make. Though this was the first time they met, it did not feel like that at all. They were very comfortable with one another feeling no awkwardness, only excitement to finally be next to one another. They had no specific plans, no schedule to follow, only the 24 hours they knew they were going to spend together. He had been camping for a couple of days now while on the road with the guys so he said he would like to grab a shower and get cleaned up before they started their day together. Mila and Jake got up from the picnic table and slowly walked to her room. Instinctively they walked arm in arm and he pulled her close and kissed her head as she unlocked the door. He broke loose and grabbed a small bag from his bike; they walked in to the room together and gently shut the door. Conversation between them flowed naturally and effortlessly. Mila sat on the bed and enjoyed an inevitable striptease as Jake removed his leather. Jacket, chaps, then boots. He pulled off his t-shirt and walked over to Mila and leaned in for a kiss in just his jeans and bare feet. It was quick and equally as electrifying as the first one they shared outside. “I’ll be right back,” he whispered and headed off to the bathroom that was tucked behind a small pony wall. Mila needed a few minutes to herself. She needed to catch her breath and reassess her thoughts on what would happen between them. Would they be a cliché to immediately have sex, shouldn’t they spend some time together first? But really, why wait? She reached between her legs and cupped herself. Mila could feel every bit of her womanhood lusting to be with him. In fact, she walked over to the bathroom assuming the door would be closed. It wasn’t. She just stood there in the doorway; she thought back to her shower last night and imagined his hands gliding all over her body. Should she join him? Would that be too bold? Maybe he wanted to wait. Her mind was swirling as she turned to walk away, then turned back, then turned away. Mila was so consumed with her thoughts she did not hear the water stop, but the sound of the shower curtain being pulled back brought her back to the moment. Mila stared right into his eyes but for less than a second because she could not control herself as they roamed his body. Any indecision was gone; she wanted him and wanted him now. “S-s-sorry, I ahhh, I,” stammering ridiculously, she just blurted out, “Holy Shit! You are as sexy as I knew you would be.” “Thank you,” he said with a simple smile as he reached for a clean towel and casually wrapped it around his waist. His eyes stayed on hers. “I’ll ah... I’ll let you finish. Can I get you a drink?” Mila quickly distracted herself and turned to walk away. “Yes, that would be great, thanks.” She went back to the room and on the little table next to the dresser she poured him a drink with the remnants of ice left from last night. It was mere minutes that he joined her in the room, still just wrapped in the towel. She was back on the bed holding his drink. Reaching up to hand it to him, he grabbed it and placed it on the nightstand. He was now standing tall over her, with one leg between hers and the other close to the nightstand. He reached for her hand and pulled her up wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning in for now their third kiss. She was sure he could hear her heart race. This was the kiss to remember though. His lips were soft as she felt his hands wander up her back, to her shoulders, to either side of her face as he continued to kiss her opening his lips and slipping his warm wet tongue into her welcoming mouth. Mila’s hands were around his back reaching up to his shoulders, then back down to his waist tracing along the towel. She could feel his manhood grow as it was pressing against her. Mila could not control herself any longer, catching her breath from their long hot kiss she blurted out, “God I want you!” That was all Jake needed to hear. He walked away from her to his bag and pulled out a small box and put in on the nightstand. Kissing her again, he reached down and pulled her t-shirt off of her. His left hand held the back of her head so he could kiss her firmly while his right hand grazed her shoulder and slid down to gently take hold of her left breast. It was full in his hand and he squeezed softly now kissing down her neck. Pulling away only enough to reach down and undo the button on her shorts, Jake took the next step and undid the zipper but did not try to remove them just yet. This may be their first time together, but he knew her well enough to know that the slow tease of undressing her would only serve to make her want him more. What he didn’t know was how much she already wanted him. His cock was now fully at attention and having a hard time containing itself under the towel. Mila sat back down on the bed and look up into Jakes eyes. She then looked eye level at his waist and the towel tucked into itself keeping him covered. She looked up again into his eyes and reached her hand to his fully hard and large cock and touched it through the towel. Though he was staring down into her eyes, her touch made him close his eyes and pause. She brought both hands to his waist now and stripped the towel away and let it fall to the ground. Mila took hold of Jake with both hands and opened her mouth. He let out a soft moan in anticipation. Running his fingers through her hair he closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he felt her warm lips wrap around this throbbing head. “Oh yes!” he moaned more loudly. “God you cannot imagine how many times I have thought about his exact moment”. Mila did not speak. She continued to bob her head up and down and sucked down every inch of his rock hard penis. A small spurt of pre cum coated her lips as she stroked with her hands and proceeded to kiss this pulsing tip. “You are going to have to let me sit down because baby you are making my knees weak.” Jake crawled up onto the middle of the bed and leaned against the headboard. Mila was on the bed as well, but now on her knees facing Jake. He reached over and with his fingers tight together he placed them down her pants grabbing her open shorts by the zipper and pulled her close to him. As she braced herself against the wall he lifted her right knee up and over so she was straddling him. He let loose with kisses all over her belly and twirling his tongue in her belly button giving a gentle tug on her belly ring. His hands were on either side of her narrow hips and casually worked to peel her shorts down. She didn’t know if she ever told him, but her belly button was probably one of her more erogenous zones. What he was doing alone could make her cum and she did everything in her power to control herself. It was so erotic that the sounds she made to show her enjoyment were that of a shiver nearly chattering her teeth together. To say he made her weak was an understatement. Grasping for breath, Mila panted. “Jake, you need to let me lie down, I can barely breath.” Jake took Mila in his arms and they swiftly chained positions as he spun her around and gently laid her on her back. He pressed the weight of his body against hers as he now lay on top of her. Jake showered her with kisses and explored her body completely with his tongue. Starting at her lips, he roamed down her neck to her collar bone and chest. Noticing the front clasp of her bra, he effortlessly opened it with one hand. Mila’s rather large bosom kept contained in the cups of her bra. Looking up into her eyes, Jake pulled the fabric away exposing her firm nipples and rosy areolas’. He softly massaged her breasts and eagerly filled his mouth with her firm fleshy boobs. Dancing his tongue around each nipple he made her already firm nipples rock hard. He played here for sometime always making sure he devoured both equally. Noticing how Mila reacted to the attention he gave her belly earlier, Jake continued to play and tease her. Stopping for a moment she helped him remove her shorts as she pushed her hips in the air, but he stopped there and left her panties on. Now kneeling over her, Jake inhaled her body with his eyes. They were both eager to please one another and were easily pleasing themselves in the process. She reached out and took his still hard cock in her hand and gently pulled him up to her so she could swallow him whole. Jake was able to reach one hand down to her more than moist pussy and tenderly rubbed her clit through her panties. The sounds, the aroma, the air of activity were divine. His touch was exquisite and she could handle the tease no more. Though she knew he would happily go down on her she just needed to feel him inside of her and she could not wait another minute. With an anxious plea she stated simply, “I need to feel you inside of me now.” Happy to see her get what she wanted, Jake repositioned himself to lie next to her. He reached to the nightstand, opened the little box and pulled out a familiar parcel. They kissed some more and made sure as they played more they would play safe. Eager to feel him deep inside her she crawled on top and straddled his girth keeping her panties on, but pulling them to one side. Easing herself down onto him she was so wet he glided in smoothly filling and stretching her tight juicy hole. Jake just looked up at her and watched her enjoy the moment, her eyes, her smile, her breasts, all that he imagined. Panting, Mila just held still for a minute before beginning a slow deliberate grind. The moment was everything that she had imagined it would be over the past few months. She let loose with all abandon and cried out the words every man loves to hear. “Oh God... oh yes... I’m cumming, I’m cumming... oh God your making me cum!” The slow deliberate grind had become full action thrusting as Mila rapidly lifted her whole body sliding up and down Jakes solid shaft. He felt the pulsing of the inner walls of her small, tight, very wet cunt as her juices ran down his cock. Mila was out of breath and collapsed on his chest but could feel Jakes raging hard-on inside of her still. Holding her tight Jake kept his hips gently in motion as the last trembles from her orgasm subsided and she caught her breath. “Hold on baby doll, stay with me and let’s roll over”, he whispered in her ear. As he lifted his hips to spin around, she wrapped her legs around him. Now pressing his full weight on her they embraced and kissed passionately. They were a great fit together, both feeling immense pleasure. Jakes pleasure was starting to intensify and the gentle motion worked up to full hard press thrusting. Mila’s legs worked their way up to his shoulders and she was ready to cum again. Her legs in the air usually gave her the most intense orgasms. This was proving to be true yet again as she cried out a second time, “Oh fuck, oh God yessss.... keep going, don’t stop.” The sound of their bodies slapping together and her crying out for more was exactly what he needed to hear to put him over the edge. With his arms propping himself over her, Jake let out a loud moan of rapture and one final thrust that touched Mila deep inside her core. She moaned simultaneously and continued to rock her hips until she could no longer move. Jake collapsed on the bed beside her and they both struggled to catch their breath. “Fuck that was fantastic, I can’t wait to do that again!” still trying to catch his breath Jake reached over and took a sip of the drink she had poured earlier; the ice long gone. “Oh my God yes!” Mila agreed. The smell of sex permeated the room and there were two naked bodies sharing a bed. Lying together wrapped in each other’s arms they both knew this might have been the first time, but it would not be the last. They nodded off for a short time until they heard the knock at the door. Startled for a moment, they looked at one another, both a little puzzled. They each gave a look of ‘who can that be?’ .... and the remainder of their 24 hours together continued to unfold....

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