Blonde Fucked In Her Pussy When She Sits With Her Ass Up And Penetrated Anal

Blonde Fucked In Her Pussy When She Sits With Her Ass Up And Penetrated Anal

I was at the football game with my son but it was tough to concentrate on the field when I knew what awaited me afterwards. It had been one week since I had properly introduced myself to my son’s new friends and now I was ready to meet the football team after their game. I was dressed like any other mother in attendance but underneath I was wearing a crotchless teddy that would surely get the boys ready to celebrate their win.“We have a great quarterback,” my son said. I heard him but I wasn’t paying enough attention to him to give him a reply. My mind was lost in other thoughts.It was halfway through the fourth quarter, and I could already feel my pussy starting to get hot and wet. It reminded me of when I was a cheerleader and a lot of the football players had gotten their way with me after a game. It was my favorite sexual experience to date and I couldn’t wait to live it again with these young boys. The seniors were playing with extra motivation and some of them looked for me in the stands because they knew I would be their reward. I counted five on the sideline and adding the ones on the field gave me a total of twelve senior boys to have fun with.After the game, I dropped off my son at his friend’s house and hurried home to get ready for the celebration. It was only a matter of minutes before the boys started arriving. The basement had enough room for everybody, but I wasn’t expecting all the boys to be able to make it. I waited for as long as I could before locking the door but the boys were getting too antsy down in the basement. I looked outside one more time and saw two more boys rushing to the door. “You boys almost missed out,” I said as I let them in.We were all now in the basement and I did a quick count of all the boys. The total count of twelve did not surprise me at all as these were a bunch of horny boys. I had verified that they were all over seventeen years old with the help of the team captains. I had also ensured that we would have absolute discretion. I walked to the center of the basement, in front of the big couch, and I nonchalantly took off my shoes. Next, I took off my watch and placed it next to the bottle of lube on the coffee table. The boys were silent as they watched my every move. It was like hungry wolves looking at a precious piece of meat. I slowly lifted my top over my head and immediately heard the boys commenting on my tits. Finally, I bent over in front of the horde of boys to take off my jeans. The room got louder and I could hear cheers and claps from some of the boys. There I was, standing in front of a dozen horny boys wearing only my black crotchless teddy.I grabbed the quarterback’s hand and led him to the couch. I knelt in front of him and wasted no time in freeing his cock from his jeans and boxers. I took him into my mouth and before I knew it I had several boys surrounding me and stroking their cocks. I felt some big hands on my ass and then hands started running all over my body. My tits were squeezed and my pussy was getting eagerly fingered and rubbed. I quickly stood up and got on the couch to continue sucking the quarterback’s dick and allow the other boys better access to my body. One boy slapped my ass and pushed his cock inside of me and began furiously thrusting.I was sucking but I was mindful to stroke any cock I could get my hands on. The next thing I felt was the cold lube get rubbed over my asshole. The boy stopped thrusting and walked to my side to get his dick sucked. I turned and sucked his cock while another boy penetrated my pussy. The combination of the quarterback playing with my tits and a boy inserting one finger into my asshole made my pussy gush. The boy penetrating me groaned and grabbed my hips to fuck me harder. I took the rock-hard cock out of my mouth and said, “Don’t forget to cum in the glass.” It was a fantasy of mine to drink cum out of a wine glass and these boys were going to help me check it off my bucket list.I got back to sucking the quarterback’s dick while I felt the dick pull out of my pussy and another dick go in. The boy who was just fucking me got the glass and came into it. “That’s one,” I thought as I watched his face fill with pleasure. The quarterback stood up and got behind me to penetrate me with his gorgeous cock. I took the next boy into my mouth and kept stroking two other cocks. The quarterback reached around to rub my clit while he pounded into me. “He knows what he is doing. He must have a few fuck buddies at school,” I thought. A second finger penetrated my asshole and I once again felt a stream of juices run out of my pussy.I deep throated the boy and he was soon groaning with pleasure. Somebody passed him the glass and he quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth to cum in the glass. One of the boys that I had been stroking got underneath me and I mounted him right away. He got into my pussy and the quarterback was now pushing his cock head into my asshole. I looked to the dick on my right and licked the boy’s cock head. Another boy came closer and I began alternating their dicks in my mouth. My asshole was stretching to fit the quarterback’s dick and it wasn’t long before I was getting double-penetrated. I was pleasuring four boys before a fifth came closer to pinch my nipples and a sixth got closer to get his dick stroked with my free hand.The boy I was riding was about to cum, so I got off and handed him the glass for him to release his hot cum into. One of the boys in the back took his
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spot and I gladly mounted him to resume all the pleasure for everyone. I deep throated the cock to my right and his groans told me that he had never gotten such a blowjob. He grabbed the back of my head while I worked his head and then he added his seed to the glass. I did the same for the other boy to my right and he was shortly joined by another one.I kept going like that and the glass kept filling up as the boys finished. I was down to three boys and I was surprised that the quarterback was still fucking my asshole. He had gaped my asshole and he seemed determined to be the last one to cum. “I bet none of the girls give him their ass,” I thought. Some of the boys had started leaving, and I knew that we didn’t have much time before my son called me to pick him up.The boy who was fucking my pussy came in the glass and that left only two boys remaining. I gingerly stood up and straddled the boy while the quarterback sat on the couch. My pussy was sore from the beating it had taken but this boy still had to experience what a hot pussy felt like. I rode him and leaned down to my left to suck the quarterback’s dick. He had just been fucking my asshole for a while but I didn’t mind taking him back in my mouth.A few minutes later, I got off the boy and rested on the couch. He came into the glass and placed it back down on the coffee table before grabbing his shorts and boxers. I was now along with the quarterback and he surprised me again when he kissed my thighs. “You must have all the ladies crazy for you,” I said with a smile. He smiled back and got between my legs to lick my clit. It only took a few seconds for my pussy to squirt lightly into his mouth and that encouraged him to keep going. “You are really fun to be with,” I said.“You are so fucking hot,” he said. He flicked his tongue all over my clit and then he got into a delicious rhythm that made me moan.“Keep going! Just like that!” I encouraged. He kept licking my clit and made me curl my toes from the strong pleasure. “Ohhh…Ahhh!” I cried as he went all in to make me cum. A few seconds more of that stimulation and I was squirting into his mouth, “Ahhh…Unngghhh!” I arched my back and he grabbed my thighs to keep me in place and continue licking my clit. His tongue was so good that he got a strong squirt of my juices on his mouth and chin.He tasted my juices and said, “You are delicious.” He then got on top of me to kiss and caress my breasts. He stayed there for a few moments before going higher and kissing my neck. I pulled his head up and kissed him.“Do you always get what you want?” I asked. He smiled and pushed his entire length inside of me in one thrust. “Ohhh!” I moaned as he entered my sore pussy. He licked my neck and then bit it as he fucked me. “My son is calling,” I said as my phone rang. He placed his hand on my neck and choked me. My pussy tightened around his cock and it just made him pound me harder.He choked me until my face was red and the phone stopped ringing. I breathed deeply and he quickly rubbed my clit with his thumb, causing me to squirt again. The phone rang again and he returned to choking me. His hand was gripping my neck so tightly that I nearly blacked out but my pleasure heightened to a new level. His groans intensified but my loud cries of pleasure soon drowned out the sound of his groans and the ringtone. “My son was right, we really do have a great quarterback,” I thought.Moments later, he choked me with both hands and shot his virile seed into me while my pussy tightened from my orgasm and squirted harder than ever. He collapsed on top of me and we stayed basically motionless while our bodies recovered from the orgasms. “I want you to myself next time,” he said before getting off me.“Absolutely,” I said with a big smile on my face. He got dressed quickly and left the house, which left me alone in the basement with my delicious glass full of cum from eleven boys. The phone rang again and this time I picked up.“Where are you?” my son asked.”Sorry, I was busy,” I said then took a sip of the cum.“Come pick me up please,” he said. I took a big drink of the warm cum and then got dressed.I brought the glass with me on the way to pick up my son and I took sips of it at every stop sign and red light. It was absolutely delicious and I didn’t want to finish it too fast. When my son got in the car and I wasn’t even halfway done with the glass. “What are you drinking?” he asked.“It’s a homemade energy drink that I found online,” I lied. I took another drink of it and licked my lips to clean the cum that stayed on my lips.I placed the glass in the cup holder and my son grabbed it to take a look at it. “It looks good,” he said.I took it from him before he could figure out what it was and took a yummy gulp. “I gotta drink it fast for better effect.”I finished it with another gulp and then got the remaining deliciousness with my finger. I licked my finger clean and smiled at my son. “It is that good?” he asked with a funny look on his face.“it’s my favorite,” I replied.It had been a great day, the football team had won and celebrated, my pussy and ass were sore from all the good fucking, my son had gone to his friend’s, and I had drunk a glassful of cum to top it all off. I also had the quarterback’s cum in my pussy, and I would be seeing him again soon. As a result of this would be that my son would be getting a lot of new friends asking to come over. 

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