Porn New Movies With A Baby Tracker

Porn New Movies With A Baby Tracker

Kelle was fucked! Figuratively not literally. She had lost a bet. A huge bet. She had been out of the police academy for only six weeks and Kelle was desperate to fit in. Therefore, when a group of officers, all men, had invited her for drinks after shift, she had jumped at the chance. Now she regretted it. Big time! After far too many drinks, they had suggested a game. It was a simple dice game that every bar used to have. In addition, Kelle was good at it, or she thought she was. After a few more drinks and about twenty rounds of the game, it was down to Kelle and one other older cop named Jake. Kelle was riding the wave. She was invincible. Just to make it interesting, someone suggested a reward for the winner. For Kelle, if she won, she wanted the veteran cops to use their influence to get her on the fast track to becoming a detective. If she lost, well, she would have to accept a dare from the cop. And everything was on the table! She was confident enough and drunk enough and the entire ramifications of the bet had not been thought through. Of course. So the round was played. As for Kelle. Oh, of course, she lost. She lost badly. Everybody whooped and hollered. Jake smiled a big smile. He grinned. Kelle's heart sank. Jake looked at her and smiled: "I dare you to blow me." Kelle reddened. She would not welsh on the bet but there was no way she was going to have any physical contact with anyone she worked with, especially an older chubby cop like Jake. After sitting there quietly for the longest time, Kelle's bacon was saved by one of the other cops. "Jake. You can't expect her to do that. You work together and it's against regs." Jake looked suitably disappointed. "Why don't you try another dare?" Kelle brightened. She started breathing again. Jake thought for a minute, and then he smiled. "I dare you to spend one hour at Mayhem Crossing." Kelle turned cold. Mayhem Crossing was a local biker bar. It was out of their jurisdiction, so they never had to respond to calls from it, but she had been there once with a couple of friends. It had a creepy vibe. The idea of going alone gave her pause. "And a couple of more things." Kelle looked at Jake pleadingly. "For the hour you're in Mayhem, you cannot say no to anyone." Kelle stopped breathing. "I really want this, but I'm not fucking a biker for it!" She had started to grow a pair. "Okay, sex is off the table. No fucking, no blow jobs, no hand jobs." Kelle slowly nodded her assent. "Oh, and you have to dress the part. You've got to slut yourself up and fit in." Kelle just sat there stunned. She was well and truly fucked. However, to get along and to get in, you had to go along with it. Reluctantly she nodded her head. The bet was on! On Thursday night, Kelle started to get ready to pay off the bet. She had a lot of suggestions on clothing. First were the panties. The guys want her to either wear a thong or go commando. She could see so many things going wrong with either of those options. So boy shorts it was. Second was the bra. Of course, the guys wanted her to go braless. That was a nonstarter. She would have preferred a fully padded Vickie's bra. They had settled on an extreme pushup bra. Next was the skirt. She would, of course, have preferred to wear slacks. The guys were pushing for a shirt that ended just below the top of the thighs. In the end, she wore a skirt that would at least cover her ass when she sat down, but not much else. With the boy shorts, this was do-able. Of course, she wore a low cut, ribbed shirt to show off the cleavage generated by her extreme cleavage bra. To monitor the bet, there were two additional safeguards. She would text a picture of her outfit sans face to the guys to prove the slut factor. Although none of them would be present, one of the cops had a CI that worked as a bouncer in the bar. It was Bullet who would report back on her obedience. Now it was show time. No pun intended, she hoped. Kelle snapped a slut pic, texted it to Jake and left the apartment. Arriving at the bar at a little after ten, Kelle parked and approached the bar. It was beyond seedy. There were dozens of hogs parked next to it. Once inside, the first thing she noticed was that the men outnumbered the women about ten to one. In addition, the second thing she noticed was that unlike the real world, she was about as hot as any of the cycle babes hanging at Mayhem. It was bad enough having drinks alone at a hotel bar in a world where she was a seven at best, and would still get a lot of unwanted attention. However, here she was a 9+. OMG! Kelle, like all women, wasn't completely happy with her appearance. Her face was attractive enough but she wasn't a head turner. Her legs, long and slender, were definitely her best asset. Her ass was nice but not especially the booty worthy ass that seemingly all men craved. A few decades ago, it would have been perfect. Now guys preferred a much bigger ass, something they could get off on as they pounded the girl from behind. Alas, although Kelle had had boyfriends who had pounded away, she could tell they were disappointed. As for her boobs, they had started out well but then they just stopped growing. What Kelle had hoped would be something pushing a D cup turned out to be smaller. They were firm at least, so Kelle had that. Now she was in a place where anything without a cock and any hint of boobs was a head turner. On her way in, she made contact with Bullet, the bouncer. Where do these dudes get their names? He seemed reliable. Maybe. Approaching the bar and ordering a draft, she gulped about half of it and tried to relax. Fitting in with the cops shouldn't have to be this hard. However, she wanted it. Bad! She waited and took controlled breaths. Soon she was aware of a presence to her left. "Hey, hotness. You'd better go slow on that beer!" Turning to her left, she saw a biker that was more Bobby Elvis than Jax Teller. A bunch more. "This is not a place to be too drunk too soon." She smiled. "I've had a hard day. I'm pretty thirsty." The guy who wasn't Jax moved closer. "What should I call you, hotness?" Kelle was flummoxed. No way was she giving out her real name. She thought and then came up with Echo. "Echo? That sounds like a stripper name. You dance Echo?" Kelle cringed. Where had that come from? Shaking her head she said: "I guess my mother had a sense of humor." "They call me Bear." Looking again, Kelle could see why. Then she felt the hand on her ass. Her initial reaction was to pull away, but for the bet. For sixty minutes, she could not say no. So she just stood there. Bear started telling her about his bike. And as he did, the hand became more insistent. What started out as a tentative cup of her right cheek turned into a squeeze. Then it roamed over to her left cheek. Then Bear went under her shirt. After feeling the fabric of her boy shorts, he hooked a finger into one of the leg holes. Kelle was afraid he would go deeper into her panties, so to distract Bear she said: "Bear. My ass isn't that interesting." "Oh, it's plenty interesting." "Well, what do you think of my legs?" Without looking, Bear said: "I think they're fine but your ass is funner." And he held out that last word as if he meant it. Desperate to get his hand out of her panties, Kelle blurted: "Well, what about my top? Do you like it?" Oh, fuck! Why'd I say that? Bear's hand stopped. And his eyes went immediately to her boobs. His hand left her ass and started fingering the opening of her shirt at her shoulder. "Nice tits! What's their size?" "Size?" "Yeh, you know. What's your cup size?" "It depends." "On the amount of silicone?" Kelle smiled. Bear was getting playful. "No. With most bras, I'm a large B. But with some, I'm a C." "Well, what are you tonight?" "Do you really want to know this?" "Yeh, it's getting me hot!" Inwardly Kelle groaned. So Bear was into bras. "I'm wearing a C tonight." "God they look so much larger." Bear started rubbing the top of the swell of her left boob. Kelle thought about giving him an engineering lesson about the mechanics of a push-up bra but decided Bear had enough information. So she smiled. Bear's finger glided down into her cleavage. He cocked one eyebrow and looked at Kelle. She wanted to pull back. She knew where this was going. But remembering the bet, Kelle smiled. She had been in the bar a little past fifteen minutes. Forty-five to go. With no objection to his wandering fingers, Bear went deeper into Kelle's cleavage. His hand slid between her bra cup and her tit. Then it started to close around her boob. Kelle moved closer to cut off the view of the grope from the rest of the bar. His hand continued to squeeze her boob like he was trying to express milk. Then it started to search for her nipple. This had to stop. Kelle whispered: "I have to go to the ladies." With a look of disappointment, Bear removed his hand. Kelle's boob throbbed. But she smiled and moved away from Bear. She hadn't gotten far when two bikers approached her. "Hey. Where you going?" Kel
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le just smiled and nodded towards the back of the bar. "You seemed friendly with Bear. We're looking for some friendship too." Before Kelle could respond, one of the bikers moved behind her and guided her over to a dark corner of the bar. He turned her around. Both of the bikers had her pinned in against the wall. This had gone from creepy to worse. "Let's be friends," said the one biker. He leaned in and kissed Kelle. At first, she resisted the kiss, then she remembered the bet and the bouncer that she had seen on the way in. If she resisted and he saw it, she would lose. Grudgingly she allowed the kiss to proceed. In a few moments, she felt his hand on her boob. The kiss continued while the hand cupped, weighed, squeezed, mashed and, in general, abused her boob in an oddly painful but tender way. "My turn!" The other guy turned Kelle towards him and kissed her hard. And at the same time, his hand went to her ass, slipped under her skirt and started to squeeze her right cheek, then her left. At first, it was painful and then it wasn't. Kelle sighed. Encouraged, the guy ran his hand inside her panties so now he was touching her bare cheek. The other guy started kissing her neck. Then he reached around and worked his hands between his friend's chest and Kelle's boobs. Then he started to squeeze and caress. Thirty minutes had elapsed. Only thirty minutes to go but this was going downhill fast. The guy in the front broke the kiss. "Let's take her to the back room." Now Kelle was in full panic mode. Bet or no bet she was putting a stop to it. She stepped back. Before she could say anything, she felt another presence. She turned. It was Bullet. "What's happening?" "Nothing! We're just getting friendly with the little lady here." "That's fine. But management has certain boundaries with this guest." "Guest? What the hell are you talking about?" "Let's just say this is a special circumstance. You can comply with management or I can walk the lady out." "Wait. What are the boundaries?" "I'll let you know when you cross them." "Fine. We were headed for the back room. Does management allow that?" "As long as I'm present, that's fine. And no more than six guys." Kelle was relieved. There were boundaries and she had a protector. But she was scared shitless. She didn't know what she was in for. Bullet took her by the arm and led her to the back of the bar. They entered a room that was empty except for a pool table. Bullet looked at her: "Okay. I'll try to keep this under control. I know that there's no fucking of any kind. Everything else seems to be on the table." Kelle nodded. Her heart was hammering. "My name's Bullet by the way." "Echo." "Really?" Kelle nodded. She couldn't manage a smile. "By the time they get in here, there'll be twenty minutes left." Kelle sighed. How bad could it get in twenty minutes? Bullet said: "If you want it to stop, just say, 'Bullet get me out of here.' And when the twenty minutes are up, I'll call a halt to the festivities and escort you to your car." Kelle thanked him. The door to the back room opened and the two guys walked in. With them were four other guys and a girl. "Hey, I said a maximum of six!" "You said six guys and there are only six guys here." Reluctantly the bouncer nodded assent. "Echo. These guys are Guts, Duck, Gator, Pooky, Itchy and Red Dog. And this is Holley but we call her Ho." Kelle nodded. "Time to party!" Shouted Red Dog. The others whooped it up. Gator stepped forward and pulled Kelle to him. As he cupped her ass, he started to kiss her deeply. Then Duck stepped in for a turn. He kissed Kelle hard and mashed her ass so painfully that she yelped a little. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes and Kelle's ass was getting a workout. She could already feel it bruising. Red Dog was next. He turned Kelle around and started cupping and mashing her tits while he kissed her neck. Out of the corner of her eye, Kelle could see the guys had started to rub themselves through their jeans. Pooky was next. He bent her over the pool table, pulled her skirt up, and started humping her ass. He had his hand on her back as he pressed her into the pool table, smashing her boobs flat against the table. Her tits were going to be black and blue in the morning! Itchy took his place and continued to dry-hump Kelle. Kelle knew she was going to be more than sore in the morning. Soon Itchy backed away. Kelle stood up. Holley approached her. She touched Kelle's face. She ran a soft hand down her neck and onto her cleavage. Holley bent down and started to kiss the tops of Kelle's boobs. As she did, she cupped Kelle's ass. Kelle was getting strangely warm. Holley moved back up and started to kiss her on the mouth. Kelle went still. She hadn't kissed a woman since she was at a college party and she was super drunk. That was for fun. This was strange, nice and confusing. Holley started to deepen the kiss. Suddenly the bouncer shouted. "Playtime's over in ten minutes." Everybody groaned. Red said: "We haven't got to see any of her good parts." "You have ten minutes." "Circle round." Red Dog shouted and the group made a circle around Kelle. "Take off your skirt." Kelle looked up. She knew where this was going! She was going to get naked. Did she want to lose the bet? With ten minutes to go? Hell no! It was seven dudes and a girl and she'd never see them again. So she went for it. She looked at the bouncer. "What do you tell management?" "Only if you did the deal. No details." Kelle let out a breath. She unzipped her skirt. She slid it down and off her legs. Folding it, she placed it on the pool table. There were whistles. Turning in Red Dog's direction, Kelle turned and bent over showing them her ass. Obeying Red Dog, she pulled her panties up into the crack of her ass. She had a fleeting hope that the gang could not see her vag, or at least no more than her lips. "Take off your top." Kelle groaned. She slowly slid her left arm out of the armhole. Then lifting the top at the bottom, she pulled it over her head. Again, at Red Dog's direction, she bent over showing everyone her cleavage. Red then told her to take out her left boob. "I don't think they're big enough just to pull out and dangle." "Give it a try." Kelle reached into her bra and pulled up on her left boob, the bigger of the two. As she suspected, it just sat on top of the lowered cup. After all, her boobs were perky, not double DDs. Kelle then just took off her bra. She thought she might as well have both her boobs out there. The guys hollered. Her nipples hardened, encouraging more shouts. Getting into it a little, Kelle started to cup her boobs and flick her nipples. She moaned. Where did that come from? The guys got amped up. "Okay, Echo. Get us off!" "There's a 'no fucking' rule." "But there's not a rule against fucking yourself." Kelle appealed to the bouncer. He just tilted his head as if to say, go on. She drew in a breath. She was so close. Five more minutes. And what would it hurt? She turned and sat on the pool table. Then, after thinking about it, she lay down across the table. Slowly she spread her legs and then reached down between them and started stroking her sex. After a minute, she reached inside her panties for some more direct contact. Slowly she felt herself getting wet. Then she moaned again. Her body was giving her up! The room erupted. She relaxed. And moaned some more. At first, the moaning was mostly fake. Then it became more real. The guys were rubbing themselves. She noticed that one of them had his cock out and it was super hard. He was pumping it for all he was worth. Kelle continued. Her fingers were getting wet. Just a few more minutes. She sensed someone coming around the table. It was Holley. She bent down and kissed Kelle. Kelle got wetter. Holley deepened the kiss. She then started caressing Kelle's nipples. All of a sudden, Kelle was flushed and had trouble breathing. She then started to buck. Her ass came off the table, arched in the air and slammed back down. Fuck, what was happening? Holley thrust her tongue deeper in Kelle's mouth. Kelle's nipples were electric. Each caress shot currents of electricity directly to her crotch. Suddenly her hips came off the table and arched high in the air. A gush of wetness flooded her panties. Kelle screamed. She had had the biggest orgasm of her life. "Time!" The bouncer called. Kelle was drenched, in sweat and juices. But she had paid the bet. The bouncer ushered the guys out. but Holley stayed back and brought her a warm washcloth and towel. She peeled down Kelle's panties, then spent a lot of time washing between her legs. When she was done, Holley pulled her skirt down. Then she leaned down and kissed Kelle. Kelle was spent. She had paid the bet. Sure, she had been naked in front of a bunch of guys. Sure, she came like a racehorse in her panties and her boobs and ass were bruised as if she received a thousand blows. But other than that, she got out with the rest of her body intact. And she was in with the cops.

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