She Became Big Bitch And Fucked By All Men In Gangbang

She Became Big Bitch And Fucked By All Men In Gangbang

Shell-shocked is what I felt as I sat on my couch resting my glass of red against my cheek. In front of me was the cutest little shrub rooted in a hand painted pot. Who delivers such a thing? Who would even think of it? My eyes closed for a moment, Oh my. I hadn’t understood the significance, not really. So he had sent me a cute shrub with pretty smelling flowers that had seemed familiar. Hey, I am no gardener and didn’t know what it was. Well, not until Mr Simpson had poked his head out of his office door - a rarity in itself - to pass me some documents and saw the shrub. His eyes had grown huge, and he waffled on and on what a fine Honeysuckle specimen it was. I was to ensure I didn’t plant it where I didn’t want it to take over... or something like that. His voice had disappeared from words into a background noise as my body reacted to the meaning behind the name. Honeysuckle! That was the flower that I sucked to get the sweet nectar when I was a child. The meaning he had ensured I would work out was overwhelming, especially being so public and yet so privately shared. I knew I had blushed deep red from my head to my toes as the memories slammed into me. I don’t know how I had finished my day. Every time I glanced at the flowering decorative plant, my body would scream with recognition of the need and wanting he inspires. And of the wanting to ensure this situation was far from finished. Only two words appeared on the card, ‘Want more’. Was that a question as in, ‘Did I want more?’ or was that a statement telling me that he wanted more? Confusion truly was a pathetic word to describe what I was feeling right now. For three years, I had worked for him. For three years he never showed an inch of interest, or had he? Was I so insecure and stuck in my head that I had missed suggestions? Taking a deep breath in, holding it, then letting it out, I began to recount myself. I was a strong woman, sexually that is. I had never hidden from that side of myself. Yes, I had boyfriends from fifteen, sexually active from eighteen. Okay, so I was a little prudish with whom but when I wanted it, I took it. When I wanted to try something new, I did it. I didn’t believe in holding back… and yet when I came to work for William, that had all stopped. I wore discrete clothing to ensure I didn’t come across slutty. I have always been proud of my body. Maybe I was small in stature, but I had ample attributes and I, like any girl, love to show them off to their best. But with William I had covered up. Had he made me that insecure from the get go? I ensured I worked hard to anticipate his needs and fulfill them, work related that was. I remember the girls giving me a lot of crap over him choosing me. I had proved them wrong. Many hadn’t spoken to me for months until they realized there wasn’t anything happening between us. Had he been protecting me? It had been William who had put me up for a promotion. William, who had given me that harsh push when I knew I would never have left him. If he had given one sign through those years of wanting me too, I would never have been able to stop myself from jumped his bones till they rattled. But he never had shown any interest. Not until that day with the printer. That day he couldn’t seem to control his hands. His lips... Taking a gulp of wine to balance my thoughts, I reached forward and plucked a flower from the plant to sniff its scent. Taking in the sweet and flowery aroma, I reminded myself; he truly had known how to get into my mind and torment me with pleasure. He had been doing it for the last three years, so subtle, so bloody sneakily. My body shuddered again with the electrical currents that the memories held. All of that brushing past me, breathing his hot breath against my neck, whispering in my ear so closely as we entered into meetings, ushering me with a hand on the small of my back. There were days I felt my body was almost turned into liquid form, and the lonely nights had sent me turning too many times to my toys of choice. I smiled to myself - okay, so it hadn’t been only the nights; when I had purchased that little remote control bullet, now that had been fun. I remember when he had gone into my drawer for a pen and found the remote. He had tapped away at a couple of buttons while asking me what was its use. I had muttered something about needing new batteries for my clock radio remote. The buzzing I had been feeling at that moment with him in control had nearly tipped me over into a pile of blissful goo. Had he known? Recognized it maybe? Groaning out loud, I slapped my forehead with my hand. That would have explained his whistling mood all afternoon. Geez, shoot me now. I am just a f’en idiot. Sculling the last of the wine from the glass, I moved forward to the table and picked up the bottle, adding more when the printout caught my eye. Returning the bottle to the table, I picked up the picture and leaned back. Honeysuckle. He had thought I tasted as sweet as honeysuckle. Savoring a mouth full of wine, I closed my eyes and remembered the feeling of his touch. The swirling, sucking pressure of his tongue, the depth his fingers plunged into, the way my body answered all his requests. I shuddered again as the lust almost choked me while immersing me in need and want. The way he had touched me had been so beautiful. My skin had felt so hot, like it had been on fire. I wanted him so badly, and when he took and gave, it had been purely exquisite. No words could truly describe how I had felt at that moment. I traced the outline of his fingers; they were hovering over my opening, glistening with my wetness. I loved their shape, their strength, their knowledge of what had felt right and pushing me the bit further. I had missed seeing him around the office the last two weeks. He had been away on business, but tomorrow he was returning. I dropped the picture to my lap and gazed at the plant. Sipping the wine, an idea began to form. Would he be a little unsure of where he stands with me? Could I use that to my advantage? Or would he be as cocky as he had been that day. Taking without asking, knowing he didn’t need to ask? A plan was formulating, oh yes, a very wicked plan. Little shudders of excitement evoked action as I got up, rinsed out my glass and moved over to my bed to get one of my smaller toys out. Time to plan but with planning comes some fun too. ---000--- I knew he had been perturbed by my behavior towards him this morning. I had surprised even myself with the control I held while my internally erratic emotions ran wild. But I had held it well when he had come in, I had ensured Mr Simpson’s door had been left open so that there was no change of privacy. As soon as he had said ‘Hello’ Mr Simpson had bellowed for him to enter and shut the door. I had to giggle to myself as I had seen the uncertainty in his features. Now that was a first. The more this morning fell into the way my mind had worked things out, the more confident I felt. I could hear them wrapping up their business, to which I gathered up the minutes from the previous meeting and went off to distribute. By the time, I got back they had finished, and he was surely back in his office. He need to be I thought as I glanced at the clock, I felt a shudder run through me, Anticipation got the blood flowing, fear was twisting and cramping my tummy but I pushed through it. I popped my head around Mr Simpson’s door to check if he needed anythi
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ng more before I set off for lunch; then I made my way towards Williams office. Sandwich in one hand and an apple in the other with a hell of a lot of courage as a side order. His door was open; His PA must have already gone for her lunch as her desk was empty. He was gazing down at some paperwork, but it seemed to be not what he wanted to read. I heard him mutter something unintelligible before he got up from his desk, moving to the filing cabinet at the side wall. He was slamming it shut by the time I knocked on his door. He glanced up and seem to stop for a minute. Stopped breathing, stopped moving, then his usually cocky smile worked its way to his lips and he moved to lean on the front edge of his desk. I wanted to say something to remove that smile, but I didn’t. It gave me the extra oomph to push those steps forward, closing the door behind me before I moved to stand in front of him. I lifted my hand to touch and caress his face, my eyes following my touch before meeting his. His cocky smile slipped a little as I bent my head to kiss him thoroughly. God, he tasted delicious. I pulled away, placing my lunch beside him on his desk before both my hands moved to his belt. He stood fastened to the floor; I could tell his breath had caught again. He was like a statue; not a muscle was moving. Muscles so taut, like they were waiting to receive orders and spring into action. The order wasn't being sent through at all. I truly felt powerful as the thought struck me that he didn’t know what to do. I slowly undid his belt without taking my eyes from his. Then I leaned in, kissing his lips once more ever so softly before I dropped down to my knees, opening his fly and dragging his pants off his hips then letting them drop. He was so engorged, so beautiful, longer than I had expected and thicker too. I wasn’t a virgin, but he sure made me feel a little like one again. I glanced up, meeting his eyes; his expression gave me the courage to go ahead. I blew ever so softly on his cock’s head. It jerked with neediness. Breathing in his scent gave me curls of desiring ripples along my body. A little buzzing pulse reminded me he wasn’t going to be alone in this experience. Delicious, I thought as I lowered my mouth to taste him. Mmm yes, just as I had expected him to taste. So clean, exotic, and beautiful with the small hit of saltiness I needed to taste. The tiniest drop formed on his cock's head, giving me a sample of what I was going to receive. I opened my eyes wide and looked up at him as I started to lick and tease his rod. His hand wrapped my hair around it, trying to take some control or just so he could see clearly; I wasn’t sure as I watched him. I didn’t ask if he was ready. I didn’t want him to have any say. I just took. I took him in every way a woman could take a man by the mouth. I licked him slowly and sensually. My tongue twisted around his rod, enjoying the sensation of control. I ensured he was covered in the glistening spit. I liked seeing his glistening. It gave me a powerful feeling to have him like this. He was ready and impatiently waited for my next touch. My fingers reached up and held his ball sack. Feeling them growing in my hand. Hardening, filling, ripening to my touch. I ensured I kept eye contact with him as I ever so slowly lowered my mouth down on him, taking him, inch by beautiful inch, deeply into my mouth before I turned my head to ensure I took him in fully down, until he could feel my throat muscles clasping and clutching as I tried to ensure he was all the way. I heard his groan and felt the moment he tipped his head back in relief of finally being inside me. Sucking my way back up to his cock's head, I watched him as I nibbled and sucked the top. He face was desperate with need, his hands clinging onto the desk, and I couldn’t help but smile as I lowered my head again. I gently grazed him to remind him I was in control before I started to pump him fully with my mouth and my throat while my hand continued to massage his scrotum. As I felt him tighten up, I moved away to lick and suck on his balls, one by one, sucking them gently as to not hurt, but teasingly making them strain with need of release. It was never my intention to hurt. He had thickened up more, but I refused to let his size intimate me as I continued to tease and taste. As his pre-cum was becoming a little more persistence, I decided it was time to exchange his want with his fulfillment. I moved my hips into a standing position, while I leaned over and took him fully. My throat constricted around him, turning my head as I did and, oh yes, down my throat he slid. I pumped him hard, and with every pump, I ensured my lips held him tight. He filled my mouth, my throat without a millimeter to spear. I loved this feeling I was experiencing; I felt so full, so in control, more excited than I had ever felt giving to a man. I felt him tighten. He was becoming hard, rock hard. His balls were feeling so full and heavy in my hand. I withdrew from him to turn my head and look into his eyes. They were predatory as they watched every move I made. I slowly slipped him back into my mouth and watched him with every stroke I took. He couldn’t stop himself. I saw it happen as I felt the hot steamy semen shot into my throat. His head whipped back, his back arched as he thrust his hips forward. And he let out a roar. A sound I will re-play within my mind forever. Pure release, pure success, predatorily pure. A giggle slipped out as I was betting that sound had reverberated through every wall in the building. I slowly released his rod, letting my finger break the string of semen that held us together, sliding it in between my lips to lick it clean. His uneven breathing was the music my ears needed to hear. I pulled his pants up and redid the belt. His hands were on top of mine as I moved, not helpful or guiding but like he was trying to gain some control for himself. I think he rather liked me doing this small action for him. I didn’t care. I was after all the proverbial cat who had just eaten her lot of the cream. I slowly stood tall before leaning against him to pick up my lunch from his now somewhat shaken desk. I walked to the door before glancing behind me; his face was calculating, but the playfulness shone through; I saw the rubbish bin out of the corner of my eye and smiled to myself. Today, after all, was all about control, wasn’t it? I flipped my sandwiches into the bin, and, winking at him, I bit into my apple as I turned and opened his door.  I knew he was watching me; I felt his gaze burn against my back with every step I took. I had my sway on. How could a girl not? My hips were working my walk, and as I reached the end of the corridor I turn to see him still watching me. “Welcome Back!” I called out before I continued out of sight back to my office. Munching on my apple, I felt impervious of anything and everything. I may not have left him with a photocopy of our time together, but that look that had been in his eyes assured me that he wasn’t ever going to forget today's lunch break. And that sound he had made, I could still feel it ripping through me, shattering my bones with delicious desire as I walked towards my desk. The word "Retaliation" popped into my head as more shudders rippled through me. I leaned over, opened my drawer and turned off the remote that lay inside. My smile grew into a grin. Surely a predator wouldn't allow himself to be bested. Would he?

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