If You Pay It Fucks You Wherever Your Heart Wants

If You Pay It Fucks You Wherever Your Heart Wants

While I was working, Amanda came in. Her naked body turned me on within seconds. “Jeremy, I’m really cold. Can I please put some clothes on?” she asked. I could see she was telling the truth, as her nipples were hard. “No,” I answered. “Please, I’ll suck you off,” she offered. “I make the rules!” I yelled at her. “Sorry,” she immediately said while she looked down to the ground. “You could do something to get warm,” I said. “Like what?” she asked as she looked at me again. “You’ll figure something out, now leave, because I need to work and you are distracting me.” Amanda didn’t know whether that was a compliment or not. She walked away and I continued working. After a while I heard moans coming from the living room. I walked to the doorway and saw Amanda sitting in the couch, her legs spread and some fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was massaging one of her tits. She had closed her eyes, so she didn’t know I was watching. I wanted to jump her right then and there, but I managed to contain myself. My cock was almost bursting through my trousers. Her moans got louder and louder and her pussy was dripping wet. Suddenly I saw her whole body tensing up and I knew she was cumming. “Slut!” I yelled. Amanda jumped at the sound, but obviously couldn’t hide her orgasm. I walked to her as she finally stopped shaking. Her hands were still on her tits and pussy, some of her fingers still deep inside her. “You don’t cum without my permission!” I yelled. “S-Sorry,” she said as she was frozen. I could see fear in her eyes. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t speak. I kept staring at her with an angry look on my face. Of course my anger wasn’t real. I was at least as aroused as she was, but Amanda was probably worried that I would kick her out. “You said I could do something to keep myself warm….” She started. “And the little slut is always thinking about sex, isn’t she?” I replied. I quickly took my shirt off and my trousers and boxers soon followed. “Sluts who don’t follow the rules, need to be punished.” Amanda wanted to move, but I held her down. She sat on the couch, her legs now pressed against each other. I moved over her body and placed my feet next to her ass. I stood and leaned against the wall. My cock was hitting her lips. “Open up,” I ordered. She opened her mouth and within seconds I had pushed my entire cock in her mouth. I held my cock there. “Play with yourself,” I told her. “But if you cum, I’ll kick you out.” Amanda put her fingers in her pussy and I started to move my cock in and out of her mouth. She had difficulty breathing. Breathing with my member in her mouth was hard already, but now she had to do so while playing with herself. Amanda was close again and moaned on my cock. The feeling of her mouth and her moans were amazing. If this would’ve been the first time today, I would’ve filled her mouth already. But thanks to my earlier orgasm, I could hold on for much longer. Although her sucking was great, I wanted more. I was with her for two months, but never touched her beautiful pussy. That was about to change. I pulled my cock out and Amanda gasped for air. I stepped away from the couch. She moaned loudly and continued fingering herself. Suddenly she seemed to remember my words and froze. “Good girl,” I said. Amanda was desperate for a release. “Do you want to cum, little slut?” “Yes, please.” “That’s not convincing.” “Please, Jeremy, can I cum?” she begged. “I’ll make you cum with my cock, but you don’t seem to want it that bad…” I teased “Please, give me your cock!” I didn’t move. She craved for my cock. “I need it,” she continued. “I want it so bad, please fuck me like the slut I am.” “That’s more like it, but no. I think I’ll refuse,” I said as I started to jerk off. “No, don’t waste that beautiful cock by jerking off, use it on me, please.” I continued stroking my member and decided to tease her more. “Hmmm, I’m close,” I moaned. “Oh god no, pleaseee. Put it in, I was made for your cock. I’m your slut, fit for being fucked by you only,” she panted. I grinned and stopped jerking. She looked at me, awaiting to feel my member enter her wet opening. I wasn’t going to disappoint her. As I entered, a lot of
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