ladycode buy page

What you want is a website that you don't have to worry about. Something that looks great and tells your story. Something at a price you know and can afford. That's what ladycode has to offer you.

  • Buy a Simple Flat-Rate Site $199

    Get your simple three-page site including a home, about, and contact page for just $199. That includes your domain name and hosting for a year.

  • Content Writing Services

    Not sure what to say about yourself? No problem! A fun conversation or e-mail about your work is enough to get you a good website.

  • Buy Flat-Rate Page Additions $99

    Got an idea for a new page? Additional pages only $99, including new button artwork and sitewide updates of the navigation bar.

  • Fancy Stuff

    At ladycode, we can create very complex web tools if you need them. Embedded maps, shopping carts, wiki pages, php/mysql dynamic pages and more.

  • Buy a Logo Design

    If you have a logo, that's great! We can even tweak it for you. If not, ladycode can design something you'll like at a price you'll like, too.

  • Photoshop Services

    Slim a bit off your waistline. Clean the jelly off your shirt for that otherwise perfect picture. ladycode can Photoshop your images to perfection.

  • Buy Interactive Forms

    Check out the sample sites on the "about page" to see some interactive forms.

  • Friendly Service

    It's not your job to be a website designer. It's our job. We speak fluent human to make creating a website easy and satisfying for you.