ladycode web design was founded in 1997 with the philosophy that making good information available on the world wide web makes life better for everyone. Businesses using ladycode services have seen double and triple increases in business. Neighborhood organizations with affordable ladycode websites have seen increases in property values of up to 400%. Animal rescue organizations have seen substantially increased placements. Websites designed and/or maintained by ladycode are simple, effective, and affordable.

We not only create beautiful websites, we design specialized logos, and focus on the most important part of any website: the content. ladycode provides impact-driven copy writing services that can set your business apart from the competition. With our extensive knowledge of language and grammar, your website will always feature clear information properly written. ladycode can even provide research services and external promotion to give your company that extra edge.

  • web philosophy

    Telling your story on the web.

    The ladycode philosophy keeps us focused on the purpose of the Internet: to help good organizations get their information to the people who want it. Everybody wins. Whether that means increasing sales and bringing dollars to your community, cutting down animal overpopulation or studying environmental data, ladycode wants to help you get your story out. With ladycode, you don't need to be a big-time company to have a big-time company website.

  • web maintenace

    Don't let your site become a fossil!

    Sometimes things happen and your website ends up abandoned, with outdated information and an old-fashioned look. ladycode can work with other webmasters to get your site up and running again. Do you really want to deal with DNSs, URLs, and PHPs? Now you don't have to!

  • web portfolio

    Here are a few samples:

  • Enviro-Net
  • SpecNet
  • South Dakota West River Spay/Neuter Coalition
  • Marshall Raeburn - Artist